Noah Yuan-Vogel is a cinematographer based in New York City. He works shooting feature, short, branded, commercial, and episodic content, work for clients including Vogue, Guess, Jeep, AXE, Skullcandy, College Humor, and many others. In 2010, Noah lensed his first feature film, “Small of Her Back”, which premiered at the Urbanworld Film Festival and received an online distribution deal, and the same year a web series he shot, “Hello Dum Dum”, was selected for the New York Television Festival.

Noah discovered his interest in cinematography while attending Tufts University School of Engineering, shooting short films and music videos as independent study projects, and after graduating he went on to work as a freelance photographer in Morocco and a systems engineer at post-production facilities in New York and Los Angeles before beginning his career as a cinematographer. His background in engineering gives him a technical edge in this age of quickly evolving digital cinema and lighting technologies, and his background in photography informs his cinematographic eye for lighting and composition.

Noah lives in Queens, with his wife Laura, an epidemiologist, where he spends too much of his time reading and writing about cameras, lighting, and computers.